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Untreated ED

Men Living with Erectile Dysfunction

The American Urology Association has found that nearly 75 percent of men suffering from erectile dysfunction live with it untreated. The condition is easily diagnosed and treated.

Men's Clinic Services

Men’s Health Services in the Public

Looking at publicly funded family planning clinics, only 36 percent offer nonreproductive health services to men. Few of these offer programs or services focused on men, and less than 4 percent offer special service hours for men.

Well-Trained Medical Professional

Erectile dysfunction is both difficult and personal.

With discretion being a top priority, Dr. Mirza has been effectively diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction for over 10 years.

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Convenient Locations

Nobody wants to travel far to see their doctor!

With offices around New Jersey and in NYC, Dr. Mirza’s goal is to make it convenient for clients to make appointments at easy to reach locations.

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