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Considerations for Those Experiencing ED

As men, we invest a lot in our sexual prowess, and few things are more embarrassing than an inability to rise to the occasion. Suffers should know first off that they are in good company. A significant number of men experience ED, and the likelihood of developing it increases as one ages. There are considerations to take when sexual dysfunction arises. Understand that it is not a personal failing but a health problem. Even so, many men take it personally. Instead of a blow to the ego, understand that it is a warning sign that something is wrong with your health. Without medical intervention, it is likely to get worse. Think about your health situation. Do you have heart disease or diabetes? These are the most common causes, but far from the only ones. If you haven’t been diagnosed but such a condition is likely, to seek out medical attention sooner rather than later.

Consider your lifestyle choices. Do you smoke? Smoking can definitely cause ED, as can illegal narcotics, especially anabolic steroids, cocaine, and amphetamines. What about consuming too much alcohol? This can also lead to ED. Do you get enough lower body exercise? Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle could be at fault. If no lifestyle choices may be considered the cause, reflect on your emotional status. 15% of the time stress, anxiety, and depression are causing ED. With anxiety, one failed attempt can have an effect on others, causing a vicious circle scenario. If none of these are likely, a physical cause is probably the issue, as it is 85% of the time. Here a neurological condition, hormone imbalance, cancer, and many other conditions may be at fault. Any man experiencing ED should get checked out for it. Otherwise, the underlying problem could grow worse and worse, even become life-threatening. Moreover, lots of treatment options can be extended to you, one of which is sure to alleviate the condition.

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