If You Have ED Your Heart May be at Risk

Approximately 30 million men in the U.S. experience erectile dysfunction. 100 million are estimated to have it worldwide. For most men, their sex life is not only an important part of their health but identity as well. Fortunately there are medical interventions that can restore a man’s sex life to him. Those with ED often deny having it, or hide it. They find it a blow to their masculinity. By doing so they may increase their risk of a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke. One study found that ED is an early warning sign for a heart attack, which usually occurs within five years of sexual symptoms arising. The reason is vascular disease, known in medical terminology as atherosclerosis. This is the buildup of plaque from unhealthy food in the blood vessels of the body, especially within the arteries. Since those that supply the penis with blood, and cause an erection are far smaller than say those of the heart, they get gummed up faster, causing sexual dysfunction to occur.

Though the U.S. contains a mere eight percent of the world’s population, American men make up 30% of all ED cases worldwide, according to Nutritionfacts.org. The reason has been attributed to the so-called Western diet, high in salt, sugar, and unhealthful fat, fried foods, red meat, and high-fat dairy. Things men can do to stave off ED are the same they can use to prevent heart disease, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, sleeping well, and controlling stress in a healthful manner. Certainly there are other causes. Smoking, obesity, cancer, diabetes, M.S., and Parkinson’s are just a few. But the most common cause is the onset of heart disease, which also happens to be the biggest killer in the U.S. and worldwide. Those men experiencing ED not only need to consider seeing a doctor for the immediate problem, but for the underlying condition as well. For those men who are right now experiencing ED, a trip to the urologist is necessary. Be sure to make an appointment today. It will not only salvage your sex life, but may save your actual life as well.

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